Our patented design, coupled with RFID technology allows a rifle to be securely stored in remote areas. The rack is programmable to over 1000 users and we currently have software called "Armory Tracker" developed to automate weapons accountability. This is the most advanced system for remote weapons storage.

New customers  - Covered 6 adds the LAPD SWAT, US Coast Guard, DEA, Federal Reserve, Veterans Affairs and FBI Police to the list of over 260 Law Enforcement and Military units using the RTD Rack to secure their weapons!

Covered 6 Ready to Deploy Rack


The Covered 6 Ready Rack RTD (Ready To Deploy) is the fastest, most secure rack for remote storage available. Deployed in over 200 law enforcement agencies worldwide as a trusted means to keep a rifle readily available, while maintaining access control. The C6 RTD is the first ever electrically controlled rifle rack purpose built for "imminent Threat" first responders. This same rack is also very popular for home defense.

Our racks systems are currently helping in the mission of securing State Capitols, court houses, local, state, and federal police stations, police vehicles, stadiums, universities, school campuses, corporate offices, residences and more. The Covered 6 Ready Rack...are you ready?

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1. How is the RTD Rifle Rack installed?

Solid Surface Mounting: Walls – Drywall Stud Mounting The RTD Rack can be securely mounted to any wall with a “moderate” level of security.

Follow the below instructions:
1. Locate the studs in the wall with a finder (mark if necessary).
2. Use a level to mark horizontal and vertical lines on the stud line.
3. Hold the top level edge of the rack on the horizontal level line (might need someone to assist in holding the rack) 4. Mark the wall with the three pre drilled “keyholes”
5. Use a drill bit smaller than your selected screws to create three “Pilot holes”
6. Use an electric drill to drive the three screws into the pilot holes and then back the screws out ¼ inch
7. Allign the key holes on the back of the rack with screws and insert
8. Finish screws by hand or with screw driver from the front. Hand tighten the screws for security.

NOTE: Installer may use any screws desired. However, the length and quality of the screw insures better security mounting. The head of the screw can only be as large as the front access holes on the rack. Once the rifle is in the rack, the use of a tool to remove the screws is not practical. Metal, Furniture or Vehicles The RTD Rack is designed to be mounted to a solid surface. You should find a location that is within reach of an electric outlet, as the RTD Rack requires power.  

1. Locate the three access holes on the upper face of the RTD Rack.
2. Using a pen, pencil and mark the locations underneath these three holes onto the mounting surface.
3. The back of the RTD Rack has “Keyhole” cut-outs, designed to lock the rack into place. Ensure you can mount the rack using the “Keyholes” in the exact position you mark.
4. Use a 5/32” drill bit to drill holes in the mounting surface.
5. Insert your choice of screws from the top, and install the washers, locking washer and nut from the opposite side. Do not tighten them all the way, as the head of the security screw needs to protrude from the mounting surface approximately ¼” inch. You may find it helpful to have an assistant hold the screws in place, or you may also use duct tape to keep the screws at the height needed to slide the keyhole portion of the rack over the security screws.
6. Lock it into place and tighten the screws securely using an appropriate tool from the top of the rack.

Note: The top holes are smaller than the screw heads, thus preventing someone from removing the screws from the top of the rack. The rack should be mounted using all three mounting “holes” to ensure proper security. When mounting an “upright model,” there are 2 additional holes in the butt-stock plate area, to screw into floor joists. An optional Mounting Plate is available for surfaces which are not made of solid material, however, large washers can be used as well.

Once the holes are drilled, insert the screws from the top of the mounting surface and attach the mounting plate behind the mounting surface. Place the washers and nut onto the screws, which will hold the mounting plate in place. Without a helper, you may need to use duct tape to ensure the security screw heads are raised up approximately ¼’ which is sufficient space to allow the keyhole slots on the rear of the RTD rack to mount to them. Once the rack is in place, you may tighten the security screws.

Automotive Installation: Vehicles may require some customization. Any automotive shop should be able to assist you with vehicle installation. The RTD Rack simply needs to be wired to a constantly powered and fused 12-volt source from within the vehicle. Utilizing a fuse block wired directly from the battery is the best source of power. However, depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle, other suitable power locations may be used. Consult your auto mechanic if you have further questions.  

We hope you find it to be the fastest, safest and most secure long gun storage system on the market. If used properly, it will be ready to deploy when you need it.

2. How is the RTD Rifle Rack programmed? How do you program the keypad pin number? How do you program the RFID key FOB?

Please refer to the included Rack instructions for all of your programming needs. If you have any questions you can email steve.modolo@covered6.com

3. How is the "side plate" adjusted to fit for maximum safety?

The RTD Rack has an optional side plate that is designed to deter theft of an AR-15 lower receiver as well as provide additional safety. This plate has 2 oval holes, which will align in 3 different locations on the rack body, depending upon your application.

1. Attach the side plate and do not tighten it. If the side plate is already installed, slightly loosen the screws without removing them.

2. Insert your AR-15 rifle into the rack with the dust cover closed and the stock fully collapsed if available. Ensure the forward assist is protruding through the cut-out area in the plate. The plate should be in such a position as to block the forward and rear push pins on the rifle. You should attempt to adjust the side plate as close to the rifle as possible.

If done correctly, a small portion of the charging handle will protrude through the cut-out limiting the movement of
the charging handle. This is designed to assist in preventing someone from chambering a live round. Note: Certain optics will interfere slightly.

3. Place the plate as close as possible. There is an additional “pyramid” shaped block to prevent the charging handle from rearward movement. If an “A-2” or other fixed stock is used, the side plate must capture the charging handle to prevent rearward movement of the charging handle or the bolt. This plate must always be installed and properly adjusted to the rifle for safety and security purposes

4. How is the RTD Rifle Rack powered?

The RTD Rifle Rack is powered by a standard 12v wall plug. Plug is included with the RTD Rifle Rack. Both the double and the single racks are powered this way. 

5. Does the RTD Rack come with installation hardware?

Yes, the RTD Rifle Racks come with three screws to mount to a wall stud. Please refer to your provided instructions for direction on how to mount your new RTD Rifle Rack.